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I just have to emphasize on this accessory the Austin & Ally costume designers give Ross for Austin.

It’s a whistle from Falling Whistles (title is linked). They’re a non-profit organization that raises money (from selling the whistles) for education and rehabilitation (here’s a link for the financials) for the war-affected civilians living in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The reason for whistles in this campaign was inspired by the children soldiers that couldn’t carry weapons during war so they were given whistles instead; the founder, Sean D. Carasso, wanted to use whistles as representation for not only those kids, but for the people. So far in 4 years, they’ve helped rehabilitate 400 street children and former soldiers; contributed to trials on rape victims; and helped on a reconciliation festival to bring together individuals for common peace.

I’m not advertising for them, but this really is a great cause. Then just for the fact that my favorite person is wearing a whistle means a lot to me. They tweeted Ross a month ago too; so I wanted to explain what Falling Whistles was. Okay? Okay.